This is not KlipperScreen, no

this is just a tribute.

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West3D is located in the USA and has very fast shipping. If you want to order the latest boards, I suggest buying from BigTreeTech. This technology is improving so fast, that distributors may not have the most recent versions of control boards.

See article about the version issue with CB1

Welcome to Klipperscreen Mods, your ultimate resource for optimizing your 3D printer with Klipper and Klipperscreen. Our brand new site is dedicated to helping the Klipper community get the best possible results from their 3D printers. Whether you're new to this exciting technology or a seasoned user, our site has everything you need to configure Klipper and get the most out of Klipperscreen. Check out our blog section for all the information you need to get started and optimize your printer. Stay tuned for more updates and helpful resources!

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The Klipper Reference has links to just about everything you need to configure Klipper and get your 3D printer running on Klipper and KlipperScreen.

If you are just learning about this new 3D printing technology, then head right to the Klipper getting started guide.

I am in the process of developing an easy to use theme builder. In the mean time, if you want this purple KlipperScreen theme, you can find it on GitHub.

OKURU KlipperScreen Theme
KlipperScreen OKURU Theme

Coming Soon:

  • Ability to save and share KlipperScreen themes with the Klipper community
  • Detailed setup guide for Klipper
  • Comprehensive list of typical Klipper configuration issues