BIGTREETECH Pad 7 with Klipper

BIGTREETECH Pad 7 with Klipper

BIGTREETECH has launched the Pad 7, a 7-inch IPS touchscreen tablet designed specifically for 3D printing enthusiasts. It comes pre-installed with Klipper and KlipperScreen and features a high-quality 7-inch IPS touchscreen that is not only a Klipper screen, but also a mini-computer. The built-in CB1 Core Board is detachable, allowing for the option to replace it with CM4 and make it a mini-computer.

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bigtreetech pad 7 with klipper

One of the key features of the Pad 7 is its ability to improve print quality and speed. When you equip your printer with an ADXL345 accelerometer, it helps improve printing speed and quality remarkably, allowing for faster, more precise, and more reliable 3D printing.

Another unique feature is the adaptive light screen, which adjusts its brightness according to the brightness of the environment it is in, protecting users' eyes.

The Pad 7 is also DIY-friendly, with a replaceable built-in CB1 core board. BIGTREETECH provides CB1 OS Image as well as source code and other files, allowing users to edit the code and install it on their 3D printer. Additionally, users can choose to replace the CB1 with CM4 and upgrade it to Linux, turning it into a mini-computer.

The tablet supports various interfaces such as USB 2.0, Ethernet, CAN, and SPI, and comes with a SanDisk 32 GB memory card for storage. It is also widely compatible, as it can work with almost all FDM 3D printers. Moreover, this screen is also compatible with BIGTREETECH SKR, Octopus series motherboards, EBB tool boards, and more.

The BIGTREETECH Pad 7 is a feature-packed touchscreen tablet designed specifically for 3D printing enthusiasts. Its unique features, such as the ADXL345 accelerometer and adaptive light screen, make it a great addition to any 3D printing setup, while its DIY-friendliness and compatibility make it a versatile option for users of all skill levels.